Host Broadcaster helps music, art, and film projects find business funding and sponsorship grants.

Helping Investors - get in touch with the creative arts community.
Helping Artists - find the funds to make it happen!

The Funding Process


  1. Register as a potential Investor | Register here |
  2. Browse the Arts Projects in need of funding | Browse … |
  3. Tell us which Projects might align with your business objectives | Contact us |
  4. We’ll send you more information, and put you in touch with the Artist
  5. We’ll keep you updated on new Projects that might be of interest


  1. Register on our Artist database | Register here |
  2. Submit your Arts Project for which you need funding | Submit Project |
  3. We’ll get in touch with you when we have an interested Investor

The Benefits

By helping the arts community create realistic budgets, and set achievable goals, arts projects become a more attractive business proposition for potential corporate sponsorship and funding.

Host Broadcaster is not constrained by Government grants policies, or limited to minimum or maximum funding requirements.

Good for Artists because you no longer shoulder the costs of finding funding.
Good for Investors because you know exactly what you will receive in return for your money.

Helping business get creative…and artists thinking ‘business’.